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Lumina Shutters Promo #1

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The Philosophy of Light & Shutters

Stimulate and Enhance Life.
Light is the natural agent that makes everything visible to be perceived and appreciated.

The world’s finest lighting mimics nature, is encountered incidentally and casts gentle, even strokes. It softens the contours and textures of our favorite shapes and forms.

Expect More Than Louvered Window Panels.
For decades, we have accepted window shutters as simple window mounted devices that provide privacy and control the direction and flow of light.

At Radiant Blinds we believe shutters have the potential to be much more. We’ve proven it with the first generation of Smart Shutters, combining all the benefits of traditional window coverings with advanced solid-state lighting slats for uncompromising control of illumination and privacy at all times of day and night.

The Journey

The vision for light producing window treatments began on a 2nd story balcony in San Diego County. Owner / Inventor, Brad Froese glanced over his shoulder at the living room window and thought, “Why can’t window blinds do more, like catch energy from the sun, or make their own light?”

Within a short period of time, he developed a crude prototype to prove the concept was possible. It hung in his family’s living room window for months, providing ambient light late into the evening hours. These blinds with Lumina, or light producing slats, became a necessary part of their everyday life.

Within a few years, the illuminating blinds received recognition at international trade shows and in publications such as Window Fashions Magazine and online blogs. Competing against window fashion industry giants, they took the IWCE title for “Best New Technical Innovation” in the window blinds category.

Radiant Blinds, LLC has brought Lumina Shutters to life with new, patented technology making lighting shutters available for anyone to own today at prices that are comparable with standard, commonly available window shutter products.


“We are very excited to unveil these elegant, revolutionary shutters to the world, and to see the light, life and healing they will bring to people everywhere, beginning right here in the United States of America.”

Brad Froese, Radiant Blinds, LLC


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